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Skin callus

Service Description

Foot calluses are a result of a continuous pressure placed in an area causing an overproduction of dead skin cells and a buildup of dead skin in the area. This build up is a mechanism the body has to protect the underlying tissue from damage and so it is key to adress not only the callus buildup but what is causing it. An increase in pressure due to poor footwear such as narrow shoes or an incorrect foot alignment (biomechanical issue) can lead to the development of callus on the sole of the foot and between or on top of toes. There may be an increase risk of developing callus if you walk or stand a lot at work, have foot disorders and foot instability. Calluses can range from being slightly uncomfortable to painful. Our podiatrists are experienced in treating and preventing the development of calluses and if you think you may have callus you can book an appointment with any of our podiatrist to get it treated.

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