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Foot Deformity

Service Description

There a many foot and toe deformities that can occur due to a range of issues. Hallux valgus (bunions) is a very common foot deformity that involves the bone on the side of the hallux (big toe) to increase in size and for the toes to begin drifting to the size. This can be painful and cause finding shoes to be difficult. The development of hallux valgus can be due to genetics and often worsens with poor footwear. Hammertoe deformity is characterised by the start of the toe angling upwards and the rest of the toe pointing downward. This condition occurs due to poor footwear, foot conditions such as flat foot or having a high arch or due to an issue with the muscles of the foot. There are a lot more foot deformities all can be treated/managed by one of our podiatrists that are able to offer you a wide variety of options.

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