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Foot ankle and Knee sprain/injury/pain

Service Description

Ankle Sprains -need to do knee sprains Ankle sprains are very common injuries and occur when the ligaments of the ankle tear due to over stretching of these structures. The ligaments of the ankle function to restrict and stabilise movement and when enough force is placed to push the ankle past its normal range of movement, tearing of the ligaments occurs. The ligaments of the ankle can tear when the ankle rolls inwards or outwards during a fall or awkward landing on the foot. Tearing of the ligaments can be classified as either as a partial or total tear leading to the following symptoms: - pain - inflammation - swelling - bruising - difficulty walking or placing weight on the ankle - limping - difficulty moving the ankle through its full range of motion If your experiencing any of these symptoms, make sure to see our podiatrists to get a full assessment on the severity of the injury. Our podiatrists will assist in the treatment of the injury and prevent similar injuries occurring in the future.

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