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Flat foot

(Pes Planus)

Service Description

Flat foot is characterised by the low or arch of arch that should exist midfoot and can lead to the development of further abnormalities and pain. Symptoms that can indicate whether or not you have flat feet are the following: - low or no arch in foot - lower back pain - difficult walking - pain in foot and leg - having bunions You can develop flat feet in adulthood and is a result of the bones in the arch of the feet collapsing. This can occur due to tightness in the Achilles tendon, having other abnormalities in the leg, damage to ligaments in the foot and over-stretching of the posterior tibial tendon. Flat foot in Children- Flat foot in children is generally normal and part of the but they experience the following symptoms then it is best to bring them in for an assessment with us: - Pain in feet and/or legs - Sole of shoes are wearing out quickly - Difficulty engaging in sporting activities due to pain or discomfort in feet - Legs and feet tire easily Flat foot can be corrected and symptoms can addressed with different treatment option. Our podiatrists are experienced with diagnosing flat foot in both adults and children and addressing any other accompanying issues.

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