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Child foot health and screening/check

Service Description

Our podiatrists are experienced in treating childrens feet of all ages. Common conditions seen in children are the following: - Sever's disease - Flat feet - Intoeing feet - knock knees - Ingrown toe nails - Warts Childrens feet are still developing and it is common to see abnormal foot structures or walking and these do not need to be corrected but there are abnormalities that need intervention early on. Some common signs that your child should see a podiatrist for a checkup: - abnormal walking/running -pain when active - wearing of shoes quickly or uneven wearing of shoes seen on the sole - flat feet - abnormal knee alignment - toes pointing inward or outward - pain when wearing shoes - tripping often - abnormal toe shape If your child is experiencing any of the above conditions or symptoms listed then book an appointment with any of our podiatrists to get a checkup.

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